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Importance of Measuring Dew Point Temperature of  Compressed Air or Why Should Measure Dew Point Temperature of Compressed Air ?

Industries like Pharmaceutical, food processing, automotive, Steel & iron and many more, use compressed air in different kind of application such as pneumatic tool control, product cleaning, material drying, as well as raw material transfer. The importance of measuring the dew point temperature and moisture level in a compressed air line may be critical for some applications but less significant for others. Free water and water vapor in your air lines could cost you huge in maintenance to downstream air valves, air cylinders, air motors - all kinds of air operated actuators and equipment that have adverse reaction to water or water vapor in your compressed air. Measuring dew point temperature satisfies the dryness level of your compressed Air. Continuous monitoring and control of dew point is often a requirement for instrumentation air, material drying processes, product packaging, and actuating process control valves. Letting dew point levels go unchecked can explore the risk of equipment failure, condensation in process lines and on finished product, and the potential for bacterial formation in some application.

Measuring dew point temperature and moisture content of compressed air line aware about the quality or condition of your compressed air by which one can take the preventive action and substantially reduce the maintenance cost and enhance the production performance and quality.

Difference Between Pressure Dew Point and Atmospheric Pressure Dew Point Measurement in Compressed Air Application.

While the subject is to check the dryness of compressed air or instrumentation air or confirming the performance of your dryer, it is most important that wheather you are going  to measure it in line pressure or going to measure it in atmospheric pressure, as measuring Pressure Dew Point and Atmospheric Dew Point is not the same thing.

The term ‘Pressure Dew Point’ refers to the Dew Point Temperature of air / gas under pressure; which means, when measuring Dew Point Temperature of air / Gas at pressures higher than atmospheric pressure. This is important because changing the pressure of air / gas changes the Dew Point temperature of that air / gas. According to Dalton's Law, the partial pressure of water vapor  increases with the increase of pressure.

Consider an example of air at a pressure of 1013.25 mb (atmospheric pressure) with a dew point temperature of -20 °C. The corresponding partial pressure of water vapor (designated by the symbol “e”) is 1.3 mb. Now, if this air is compressed and we increase the total pressure to 2026.5 mb, then according to Dalton’s law, the partial pressure of water vapor “e” is also doubled to the value of 2.6 mb. The corresponding dew point temperature is approximately -12 °C. So, it is clear that increasing the pressure of the air has also increased the dew point temperature of the air. Conversely, expanding a compressed gas to atmospheric pressure decreases the partial pressures of all of the component gases, including water vapor, and therefore decreases the dew point temperature of the gas.


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