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  • 04-04-2013, Thursday :
    Ennovacion introduced a limited time "Exchange Offer". It is a opportunity for you to upgrade your system with Excelencia Features. Maximum Discount possibility is upto 30 %. Offer will be valid till 7'th May 2013.
    Contact Details :
    Call : +91 9051842353,  Email : support@dew-point-meter.in
  • 04-04-2013, Thursday  :
    New Autoranging display resolution introduced in All models. Now view at a resolution of 0.001 while measuring low moisture.
  • 10-02-2013, Sunday  :
    Latest Up-gradation for all models of Dew Point Meter. Now Analyze ' 7 ' Parameters with a single instrument.

                                               1. Dew Point in Line Pressure.
                                               2. Dew Point in Atmospheric Pressure.
                                               3. Relative Humidity.
                                               4. Absolute Humidity.
                                               5. Temperature.
                                               6. Moisture in PPMv.
                                               7. Moisture in PPMw.

  • 07-05-2012, Monday :
    New "excelencia" series "Portable Multiport Dew Point Meter and Moisture Analyzer" for Oil & Gas is the latest Indigenous developed precision measuring instrument for providing solution to industrial spot checking of Dew point temperature, Moisture content, Relative Humidity, Temperature in compressed air, in sf6 gas, in hydrocarbon gas and almost covers all gasious compound as well as measures Water Activity Content and Moisture content in minarel transformer oil, hydraulic oil and others lubricating oils.
  • 27-02-2012, Monday :
    Now acknowledge 4 parameter - Dew point Temperature, Moisture, Relative Humidity and Temperature within a single display window. You can do more with its user friendly man-machine interface.
  • 17-01-2012, Tuesday :
    Ennovacion lunched high power efficient, fast responsive, high accurate new "excelecia" series Dewpoint sensor transmitter for Compressed Air & Gases also for Oils. Its high efficient intrinsically safe power management technology ensures low power requirement. Small in size yet high accurate, fast responsive with local display for field acknowledgement and supervision.
  • 07-12-2011, Wednesday :
    Ennovacion brings indigenous revolution in Dew Point & Moisture Analyzer instruments for measuring dew point temperature in compressed air, sf6 gas, hydrocarbons and other gasious compound. It is cost effective, highly accurate faster in response and long battery backed instrument.

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Why Us ?

  • An excellent Team of expertise & experience.
  • Superior Quality Control.
  • Sound knowledge of process engineering.
  • State-of-the Art Product features.
  • Durable and Economical.
  • Best output that satisfies customized demand.
  • Unmatched customer support system.
  • Total indigenous solution.
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Who We Are ?

                                      We are leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Portable and Online Dew point Meter and moisture analyzer in india and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide. We design, develop and produce dew point meter and moisture analyzers based on different application and for different medium such as for Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Compressed Air, SF6 Gas and Other Gasious compound. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants with decades of global experience brings you the quintessential mechanism that provides .......Read more......

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What We Do ?

                               We Provide Quality Services to enable our Customers to perceive their actual necessities of measuring dew point temperature and moisture contents by expanding our multiple tasking engineering, by leveraging its Cutting Edge Technology to bring the best Quality Service and products. We offers a wide range of Portable and Online Dew Point Meter and Moisture Analyzer for Compressed Air, Nitrogen, sf6 Gas, mineral Transformer oil, Hydraulic oil and others lubricating oils . Read More.....